All products are made from 100% plant-based ingredients. Orders made on this site are not eligible to receive Native Foodie Rewards Points.
Native Chicken Wings
Native chicken wings made crispy. Served with ranch dressing and buffalo sauce. 24 pieces. $28.00
Guacamole, Chips & Salsa
Freshly prepared corn tortilla chips, salsa fresca with jalapeño and guacamole. Serves up to 10 people. $30.00
Thai Chili Brussels Sprouts
Crunchy breaded Brussels sprout halves, tossed in our famous sweet and spicy Thai chili cilantro sauce. Serves up to 10 people. $40.00
Seasonal Soup
Our kitchen’s freshly prepared soup. Ask us for the current flavor! Serves up to 8 people. $20.00
5-6 entrée-size servings or 8-12 side servings
Ensalada Azteca
Fresh avocado, jicama and cucumber salsa, quinoa, romaine, raisins, toasted pumpkin seeds and cilantro served with mango-lime dressing on the side. (GF) $52.00
OC Raw Chopper
Freshly chopped mixed veggies, seasonal greens, salsa pomodoro, avocado, almonds, spiral cut beets and sprouts. Served with lemon garlic vinaigrette on the side. (GF) $52.00
Taco Salad
A blend of romaine, cabbage, seitan taco meat, salsa fresca, roasted corn, green onions, cilantro, avocado and tortilla strips. Served with creamy chipotle dressing on the side. $52.00
5-6 entrée-size servings or 8-12 side servings
Bangkok Curry
Seared tofu steak, steamed veggies, kale and brown rice with coconut milk red curry, gomasio and cilantro. (GF) $52.00
Soul Bowl
Southern fried Native chicken with organic red beans, organic brown rice, steamed veggies and kale. Topped with ranch and BBQ sauce. Served with freshly baked corn bread. $52.00
Orange Cauliflower
Crispy cauliflower tossed in a sweet and tangy orange sauce. Served on a bed of fried brown rice mixed with carrots, onions, peas, and tofu scramble. Finished with toasted sesame seeds and scallions. $52.00
Small Platter
Small platter serves 5-8
5 sandwiches, served with potato chips. $55
Large Platter
Large platter serves 10-12
10 sandwiches, served with potato chips. $99
Sweets & Beverages
A gallon tote. Varies by location or season. Serves 8.
Oatmeal Cream Pie
Six large soft-baked oatmeal cookie sandwiches filled with whipped vanilla crème. $25.00
Cookie Platter
12 large, chewy chocolate chip cookies. $28.00
Brownie and Cookie Platter
A variety of blondies, peanut butter brownies, sea salt caramel brownies, and mini oatmeal cookies. Serves up to 15 people. $45.00
Fresh Brewed Flavored Organic Iced Teas
Freshly brewed, flavored organic iced tea. $15.00
Our Signature, Seasonal Homemade Drinks
Our signature, seasonal housemade drinks. $20.00
Hot Coffee
Freshly brewed hot coffee. 96oz, serves up to 12 people. $20.00
Bottled Water
Fruits & Veggies
Fresh Fruit Tray
A selection of fresh, seasonal fruit. Serves up to 10 people. $40.00
Veggie Platter
Fresh raw cauliflower, broccoli, red bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, and celery. Served with ranch dipping sauce. Serves up to 10 people. $30.00
Includes: plate, fork, knife & napkin.
(GF) = MADE WITH GLUTEN FREE INGREDIENTS. Native Foods is not a gluten free kitchen.
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